ORIENT Anthology

A collection of inspiring good practices, tools and methodologies using orienteering for social inclusion.

Also available in: BGEL – DE – BSIT


Aimed at sports trainers and civil society organizations’ workers, it includes the basics on orienteering and innovative methodologies to promote the participation of young people with different social and cultural backgrounds in orienteering activities.

Also available in PDF Version: ENBGBS – DEELIT

GEARs & IDEAs: a toolbox for orienteering routes

A toolbox with tips for the creation of orienteering routes and an orienteering kit with all the essentials for young people.

Also available in: BGBS – DEELIT 

ORIENT Compendium: “Routes to inclusion”

A compendium of 5 orienteering routes from partner countries co-created by sport trainers, civil society organizations’ workers and young people through participatory mapping.

ORIENT Manifesto

Document with ORIENT’s results and recommendations on the potential of orienteering for social inclusion.


Also available in: BG - EL - IT