The Team



CESIE is a European Centre of Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily. It was established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the sociologist, activist and educator Danilo Dolci (1924-1997).
CESIE contributes to the active participation of people, civil societies and institutions through the implementation of projects on various thematic areas, towards the promotion of growth and development, always valuing diversity in the respect of ethics and human development.
Our mission is to promote growth through innovative and participative educational approaches.
As a European centre of Studies and Initiatives, the organisation is dedicated to the promotion of research and development so as to increase and improve future-oriented innovation processes in educational, social, economic and cultural spheres believing in the cross-cutting of organisations cooperating within heterogeneous fields and sectors.

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre, situated in Athens, is a non-profit organization with more than 40 years of experience in supporting vulnerable groups. Alongside with direct provision of Social services (mental health, trafficking, bullying, employment/poverty) our expertise pertains to design and implementation of impactful and innovative social initiatives in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Employment, Care & Wellbeing, Sports and to Scientific research and development of know-how in social policy issues, aiming at building resilient communities with equal opportunities for all. Our vision is a world that rests on integrity, sustainable growth and individual well-being

WUS Austria – World University Service Austria (WUS AT)

World University Service (WUS) Austria, located in Graz, is an NGO committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. Today the organization has a regional focus on the countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe and employs a branch office in Prishtina.

There are four areas into which the work of WUS Austria can be divided:

  1. Higher Education Development;
  2. Linking Higher Education & Society;
  3. Higher Education & Human Rights
  4. Technical Support. We believe that the right to education includes not only the right to access and complete education but also the right to quality education.

Sarajevo susret kultura / Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures

Sarajevo Meeting of Culture (SMOC) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2012 with an aim to promote the diverse culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina within and beyond its borders. By promoting the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a place where tolerance, peace and coexistence of different cultures meet, SMOC engages in activities that put effort into promoting the country as a place of multiculturalism and openness. The 25 plus years of collective experience of our staff in the fields of Project Management, Higher Education development, culture, sport and tourism is a pool that offers professional and innovative approach in the listed fields, acting as a catalyst for societal growth. SMOC provides knowledge-transfer, information and enhancement of professional qualifications of employees in the spheres of higher education development, tourism, sport, intercultural dialogue and culture in close collaboration with the Higher Education sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and beyond.

Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

Center for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organization, which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional, and global entities. These entities include but are not limited to governments, local administrative agencies, non-for-profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions. The CSI team is composed of open-minded, fully equipped researchers, entrepreneurs, project managers, trainers, and Information Technology specialists. CSI encompasses the capability and capacity to identify social needs, design and implement adjusted initiatives, and provide for sustainable growth. The CSI team’s areas of expertise are in the fields of traditional education and e-learning, entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation, creativity, negotiations, IP advisory services, social responsibility, business advisory solutions, data analytics, information technologies, project management, project evaluation services, product validation, training and computer gaming. CSI draws know-how and skills from its wide global network, which includes academic institutions, IT companies, public services, international organizations, start-ups, and public services.

Bulgarian sports development association

Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a NGO devoted to the development of sport and improving sporting culture.

Main priorities of BSDA:

  • Reviving sport culture;
  • Volunteering in sport;
  • Education through and in sport;
  • Good governance in sport;
  • Integration through sport;
  • Skills of the future and entrepreneurship.